Key Characteristics Of (Volumetric) Filling Machines

Thankfully for those readers requiring these devices, there is an industry leader out there that has been in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and installation business in the USA for well over twenty years now. While the volumetric filling machine is expressly manufactured in the US, machines ordered as required can be shipped to all corners of the globe, if necessary. And while the machine is manufactured by this industry leader, so too are the parts. These include end caps, elbows and tees. 

Volumetric filling machines are built variably as full or semi-automatic devices. These devices also utilize the double acting positive displacement characteristics of volumetric piston pumps. Two sizes are being prepared for commercial and industrial clients. Filling machines come in at one gallon (or five liters) and 5 gallons (20 liters). The filling machines and its casts are manufactured from stainless steel. Teflon seals and gaskets, as well as quick release clamps are fitted in. these filling machines, also defined as pumps, are operating efficiently.

They operate at quick speeds. For uses of the equipment, they are also easy to clean and maintain. Developed piston walls or cylinder walls and seals are lubricated. This lubricating feature is maintaining the pump’s accuracy and production level, as well as preserving its life. In order for dispensing volumes to be accurately managed, filling machines control its stroke length. A cautionary word on single acting pumps is necessary at this point. Fair enough that these pumps are less expensive to manufacture.

volumetric filling machine

But they present the operator with a number of issues, including product drying in the rear of the cylinder, components being damaged due to excessive use and leaking.  A leading developer of volumetric filling machines prefers not to manufacture these inferior pumps.